Foil Board WAVE


The scoop rocker line is more than the Skate version. In case of impact with water this prevents it from falling.

The deck is convex for better wave riding. The rider in the carve phase maneuver has more contact and power with the board.

The hull is flat and streamlined at the tail. This tail helps with stalling and keeps contact with the water.

Every single detail of the board has been conceived and designed for a better experience in the waves for the rider.

The new pad is very  thin only 1mm thick. This improves the rider’s sensitivity with the board and the response times.

Lenght 123 cm
Width 49 cm
Thickness 4 cm
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Price 850 €

Included new foot straps (V strap – back strap)

Board bag 70€

Spedizione in Italia gratuita

Special Offer

!! 900€ including board bag !!

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