Matteo Gaffarelli

First name: Matteo
Last name: Gaffarelli
Disciplines: Kitesurf Hydrofoil
Nationality: Italy/Russia
Top kite spot: Garda Lake
Homebase: Talamone
Successes: 2015-2017 1 st U19 In Italy
2016-2019 Top 5 U19 Worlds
Sponsors: Groove Kiteboarding\TWKC Talamone\My self
What are you doing beside the kiting? I am a student and now I am studying modern architecture. At the same time I am working in a Russian company that deals with interior design.
Your other hobbies? I’m doing triathlon right now. The goal is to finish in 9:30 the race called “Ironman”
Your best experience while you were kitesurfing? The best experience I have had is to be able to race alongside the world champions and get to know them personally.
How to make you happy? The only thing that can make me happy is to have friends close by who support you
Your motto? Be happy anywhere and anytime.
Why groove kiteboarding? I choose Groove Kiteboarding because this company can give you the maximum technical support anywhere and offer you the best quality of products in the kitesurfing sector
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