Groove Facile


The Groove Facile is made of:
Mast Full Carbon Ultra high Modulus. Wings + Fuselage Full Carbon monocoque for better performance.

This foil has been developed for a long time. We have distributed it to many Italian riders to test it and give us a feedback. After a long period of improvements our product is finally ready.

In cooperation with the University of Padova, Groove studied the hydrodynamics related to the efficiency of the new Facile hydrofoil, improving the performance.

Front Wing 560cm
Rear Wing 30 cm
Surface Area: 900 cm2
Mast Length: 100 cm
Fuselage Length: 66 cm

All done in Groove. All done in Italy. All done in our factory. Every foil has a soul, it has been built with passion and professionalism.

Groove Facile comes with a durable carrying bag, a set of protectors, and the repair kit, to never miss any kite session.

Included carrying bag and a set of protectors
Included repair kit

Price 2500 €

Spedizione in Italia gratuita

Special Offer

Hydrofoil FACILE + Foil Board SKATE
!!!! Price 2500 € !!!!

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