Irene Tari

First Name: Irene
Last Name: Tari
Disciplines: Currently Hydrofoil (Formula Kite /Kite Foil)
Nationality: Italian
Top kite spot: Gizzeria
Homebase: Salto Di Fondi
2019 Formula Kite/Kite Foil:
1th Femminile Campionato Nazionale Hydrofoil
Medaglia argento Campionato Italiano Formula Kite (C.I.C.O.)
14th Kite Foil World Series – Gizzeria
11th Kite Foil World Series – Cagliari
22th femminile Campionato Europeo Formula Kite – Torregrande
2018: TT:R
1th Femminile Campionato Nazionale
2th Campionato Italiano Giovanile
5th Campionato Europeo
6th Campionato Mondiale
4th Ranking Mondiale 2018
Sponsors: Seal s.r.l. – Delta Motors s.p.a. – P.R. Motori – C.V.Portocivitanova Technical Sponsor: Groove – Chubanga
What are you doing beside the kiting? I’m a student on the third year of scientific high school.
Your other hobbies / interests? I like sailing, surfing, riding horse, cycling and skateboarding. Depending on my mood, I also like to play my guitar and my violin and to paint.
Your best experience while you were kitesurfing? I have been kitesurfing since I was 12, the best experiences has always been when I learnt new difficult maneuvers, as foiling jibes and tacks, it gave me a lot of satisfaction !!! Then all the beautiful experiences around the world to take part in a competition….unforgettable Barra Grande – Brazil in November 2017.
How to make you happy? Give me the chance to stay in touch with nature…sun, sea, mountains and any outdoor activity with a little bit adrenaline! Friends are also important to me to improve my good vibes
Your motto? “Se insisti e resisti raggiungi e conquisti” I’m resilient!!
Why groove kiteboard? Because is the top off course!!! Can’t wait for my new kiteboard