Nicolò Magrograssi

First Name:Nicolò

Last Name: Magrograssi
Disciplines: Kitefoil
Nationality: Italy
Top kite spot: Campione del Garda
Homebase: Toscolano Maderno
Successes: 3th at the italian olympic class championship 2020 and on the top 20 riders on the Cagliari Kitefoil world Championship 2019
Sponsors: Groove kiteboarding ,Réunion Kite Academy, Kitecampione
What are you beside the kiting? Pharmacy student
Your other hobbies / interests? Calisthenics, jogging and friends
Your best experience while you were kitesurfing? My First foil- Board off jump, I’ll never forget It.
How to make you happy?15 knots, my groove board,foil,kite and good Friends.
Your motto? Wall or not, move on!!!!
Why groove kiteboard? A big team of developer and designer