Born for the most demanding riders

The new Groove skate WAVE has been designed to improve the experience from the Skate for all the riders who requested greater speed in the maneuvering phases, such as carving, from the board. Tested by several riders who immediately affirmed the ease of maneuvering the board that allows you to concentrate more on something else. The new shape allows you to touch the water whilst maintaining stability in the bow. This design gives you the greatest performance.

• Foot straps included

• Free shipping in Italy

• Board bag 85€ (not included)


Yellow and blue

Blue and Yellow

Light blue and purple

Total white

Light Blue

Yellow and Green

Purple and red

Light Blue and Blue

Technical details

The scoop rocker line is more than the Skate version. In case of impact with water this prevents it from falling.

The deck is convex for better wave riding. The rider in the carve phase maneuver has more contact and power with the board.

The hull is flat and streamlined at the tail. This tail helps with stalling and keeps contact with the water.

Every single detail of the board has been conceived and designed for a better experience in the waves for the rider.

The new pad is very  thin only 1mm thick. This improves the rider’s sensitivity with the board and the response times.

Lenght 123 cm
Width 49 cm
Thickness 4 cm
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  • Polystirene core (the thickest part of 10cm) 15kg cm2
  • Covered in 3mm PVC foam 75 kg cm2
  • Sandwich panels
  • Biaxial carbon fiber + fiberglass
  • With epoxy resin lamination Top quality
  • 3.2 kg weight with pad
  • Antislip ( full soft eva pad )
  • 2 track 90mm x 33cm lenght