FOIL BOARD RADICAL V5 multifit 2023
The perfect shape

The new Radical v5 was developed with the help of top international athletes such as Lorenzo Boschetti, Riccardo Pianosi and Mario Calbucci in the pursuit of perfection. All boards can have different rakes for any rider’s needs.
In addition for 2023 we will have accessories to add on the board, carbon hard plates that give a different inclination of the ankles for more comfort during the session and high performance during your training and racing.
Updated design with a more durable paint job and a new more comfortable non-slip.

  • Foot straps included
  • Free shipping in Italy

Technical Details

  • Polystirene core (the thickest part of 10cm) 15kg cm2
  • Covered in 3mm PVC foam 75 kg cm2
  • Sandwich panels
  • Biaxial carbon fiber + fiberglass
  • With epoxy resin lamination Top quality
  • 2.7 kg weight with pad and tuttle / 3.1 kg weight with pad, tuttle and rail
  • Antislip ( full soft eva pad ) OPTIONAL

One scoop rocker for all needs.
We tried to develop a single board that gives maximum performance for all foils.
The slope of the scoop rocker allows for different pressures for each type of requirement.

Chubaga V3
The 4 degree is recommended for riders who weigh little and want to have a very narrow stance.
The 5 degrees is recommended for riders who want more pressure or a very radical upwind angle.

The new plates allow the ankle to be angled in such a way as to tire the rider less. This allows for greater performance in a long session.

Recommended dimensions:
136×40 cm
134×39 cm
130×39 cm
120×38 cm

Available angles:
6.5°: for Levitaz, Moses, Mikes Lab, Chubanga V2 and for the most of foils

5°: only for Chubanga V3

4°: only for Chubanga V3


Any possibility of customization

Black and Blue

Black and Green

Black and Light Blue

Black and Orange

Black and Purple

Black and Yellow

Black, Red and Yellow

Black and Yellow

White and Blue