Simo Simo

First Name: Simmo
Last Name: Romano
Disciplines: Kitefoil amatorial
Nationality: Italian
Top kite spot: Termichin at sunrise (Chiavari – Italy) and Fiumaretta (Sarzana – Italy)
Homebase: Sestri Levante – GE – Italy
Successes: In kiteboarding not much…still learning…I started kiteboarding on October 2017 and I got fully addicted to it!
Sponsors: Groove, KauKau Club
What are you doing beside the kiting? I run my own sailing charter business in Sestri Levante…if you pass by during summer, just give me a buzz and we’ll catch up for sure!
Your other hobbies / interests?
I’ve been bodyboarding/surfing for about 18 years, and I love sailing too…the sea is MY LIFE…I just can’t breathe without it. I also love old 4wd Volkswagen buses and I spend a lot of time fixing/converting into faster campervans.
Your best experience while you were kitesurfing?
I guess there’s no just one best experience in my life… the ocean, mother nature, the wind give us a lot of vibes and sensations every day…and every time something unforgettable is happening…definetly i remeber the first time I had the chance to ride at my homespot at sunrise with the Italian Champ Mario Calbucci…I was so stoked…and this summer, believe me or not, I literally rode upon a whale about 6 meters long! She was underwater I was cruising upwind with my hydrofoil during one o my beloved long distances, and I saw like a big white spot on the water…i thought it was a underwater rock or a huge plastic bag..but then..even if it’s been a very fast thrill…I was able to realise it was a whale…i could see her eye properly too…kinda like she was staring at me and wondering what I was doing over there…i will never ever forget that moment in my life.
How to make you happy?
Just give me my groove, my hydrofoil, my friends, my syncro campervan and let me ride ‘till death into the wild!
Your motto?
If you can dream it you can do it
Why groove kiteboard?
I personally think the radical V3 is the best board I’ve ever tried!
Free to write now here what you want :
I wanna thank Groove, Michele and Mario to gave me this amazing opportunity of grow up and ride faster and faster every day thanks to their super hi-tech equipment! Super proud to be a part of this TEAM!