The Groove System Bar V2 was born from the request from customers, who were looking for a bar that would make you feel as one with the kite, managing to minimize everything without renouncing the safety and ease of use.

To do this, the System Bar V2 is made from one piece and thanks to the combination of carbon fibers prepreg to the layout of the fabrics and the autoclave technology make it light and very resistant, Groove has designed a bar tailored to each rider, which will adapt perfectly to your needs, thus failing to forget to think only of your session.

The Groove System Bar V2 is widely regarded as one of the most advanced carbon bars available on the market.

The team has also developed a CREATE YOUR OWN BAR section that allows potential buyers to build the bar and setting directly online.


Bar dimension 52, 55 and 62 cm
Bar weight 170 gm and 190 gm.
Made in one piece.
Carbon fiber HM higt modul (Monocoque technology).
Productions and target price:
1 – Naked (220 €)
2 – With preelines, chicken loop, clamcleat, safety cable ring and various pieces (420 €)
3 – Full with Lines (540 €)
– Front dyneema sk99 mm1.5 bl. 400 kg
– Back: dyneema sk99 mm0.9 bl. 200 kg

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